Saturday, September 15, 2007

More September Updates

More news from Matt, our new program manager/intern, who has spent part of the month visiting and checking up on wells built by UVP.

He also did some research into fruit drying as a potential income generator for rural farmers.

Margaret was in Kiwanyi and Bugole for a different JIDDECO program and enthusiastically told me that most of the widows have completed the requirements, including the one in Kiwanyi that I mentioned who barely had any of the requirements met. She told me that the others came together to help.

The Kimanto well pump had been fixed by the community through the sub-county pump mechanic that the district trains. However, the cement that was cracking slightly when Ben and I visited had worsened. The community tried to build up the cement around the crack and pipe out of the ground, but that only caused more problems. The whole fixture was easily shifted, but was still pumping water. Herbert gave pretty detailed instructions on how to fix the problem to the LC1 and the woman who stays in the nearby home so they wouldn't have to pay for further repairs. Herbert promises to check up on them to make sure it was done properly.

Herbert assured me the other well is okay. He said that the water may change color and smell after heavy rains, but that has to do with the nature of the area's sandy soil. There is nothing that can be done. They must wait for it to clear up for some time after the rains. He said that the water coming out of the sides is caused when there is too much water in the well, which may cause some wear and tear on the parts, but again there is nothing really that can be done. He did say that it is a good indicator that the well should never dry up.

- Visited the Fruits of the Nile factory with Henry and got loads of information and tasty samples.
- Before I type up the lengthy notes from the visit and from speaking with David, I want to continue doing my preliminary research and lay out all of the options in one big report and then move on any questions or further research that may need to be done. This week I'm going to focus on the C-B of getting suckers for the initial planting and a basic C-B of the long-term plan involving support with solar-drying. I was able to get a cost break down on one dryer, which I will include in the report which I hope to send out late this week."

Visiting the fruit drying facilities

Tour of a gas dryer

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