Monday, December 1, 2008

Scholarship Recipient Announced!

Josephine Nakalimo is the lucky recipient of UVP's first University level scholarship, sponsored by our partners at ChooseANeed. Josephine is 17 years old and is an orphan who lives with her older sister. Josephine has been receiving support from UVP, which allowed her to attend Iganga Progressive Academy. She is looking forward to attend University and she is interested in studying accounting and finance. She hopes to be able to work in a bank after her studies. She also would like to work for the Uganda Revenue Authority to help eradicate corruption and to make sure that all people pay taxes. She is a very determined young girl who understands the importance of education. She prides herself on her ability to be patient yet courageous, as demonstrated by her academic success despite having many obstacles such as the death of her parents, sickness, and living in poverty.

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