Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Projects Posted at ChooseANeed for 2009!

We are proud to announce that we have several new projects posted with our generous partners at - check them out!

A new vehicle will be an amazing opportunity for Uganda Village Project to increase safety for our staff on the ground, who currently fear for their lives when they take hair-raising rides on Ugandan public transportation. Anyone who has braved a mataatu ride will know how important this is. We plan to increase staffing in Uganda significantly this year, and a vehicle will be a huge bonus to help with project monitoring and success.

Bicycles for Village Health
Our newly restructured projects will also require transportation on a smaller scale. On the village level, we will be using bicycles to get from place to place on the small dirt paths that connect the rural places in which we work.

Goats for Widows Follow up Care
Although we had the benefit of a grant from UC - Berkeley to fund the startup costs of our Goats for Widows project, ChooseANeed is helping us to ensure the care of the goats in the group until they have completed the program's cycle and their kids have been gifted to new widow families.

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