Monday, February 16, 2009

Kabira Village Well Meeting

This past Friday, Kristen - our in-country Program Manager - met with the community in Kabira Village to present the well program. There were over 50 people there representing a community of over 140 households. This community is in Nabitende Sub County, and their closest Health Center is Bugono Health Center 3, which is over a 30minute walk. Kristen was amazed to see how many women came to the presentation, as there were over thirty. It is always a good sign when many women participate, because it is usually a good indicator that the entire community will be very involved in the project. After speaking to the women, it was estimated that on average they walk about 1.5 kilometers to reach the nearest safe water source. Additionally, Kabira Village had already chosen a Water User Committee (WUC) to oversee and participate with well construction and maintenance, and were excited to get started. Kristen is visiting the community again today - Monday February 16 - to choose the best site for the well construction!

The above pictures are of Kabira's current water source, and following pictures are of the well meeting that was held on Friday February 13.

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