Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bombing in Kampala: All UVPers Believed To Be Safe

Update from the Director at 12:40am EST 7/12/10

Staff have confirmed by communication with all teams that all interns were safely in Iganga last night. I wanted to let any worried family or friends know that although there was a bombing incident in Kampala at two bars where people were watching the World Cup game, no intern or staff from Uganda Village Project was affected.

Iganga is about 3 hours east of Kampala.

I hope this will help for anyone who is checking the site, you may call me at my cell phone if you have any other questions. I will update the site further as I hear any pertinent news. We have a safety plan in action currently and all interns have been advised to avoid crowds or areas where foreigners gather until further notice.

Alison Hayward
Uganda Village Project Director

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