Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sharing what we've learned

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday found Uganda Village Project staff presenting at the Joint 6th College of Health Sciences and 18th UNACOH Annual Scientific Conference. Ntalo Julius (Fistula Coordinator), Alanta Colley (Healthy Villages Coordinator), and Linnea Ashley (Programme Manager) shared insights UVP has acquired in its seven years working in Iganga District. Our presentations included, community lead sanitation pushes, Volunteer Health Teams and summer volunteer program best practices, and surgical referral networks.

The conference assembled more than 150 clinicans, researchers, and public health professionals from around Uganda and beyond sharing local research, challenges, and innovative approaches to Uganda's health challenges.

UVP summer intern alumnus, Sujal Parikh, also presented, bringing attention to the importance of health and human rights education in the United Sates and opportunities for international collaboration.

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