Monday, November 12, 2012

Stories from the Field: Family Planning Services in Kidaago A

By Maureen Nakalinzi 

Kidaago A is one of our Healthy Villages located in Nambale Subcounty in Iganga District. Because this village is far away from the road, accessing health services like family planning is very difficult since women have to walk very long distances to access these services. When we told them we will be conducting family planning outreaches, they were so excited and grateful. On the day of the outreach, we found them already lined up because they were afraid that the medicines will not be enough and some of them would miss out. However, we informed them that we had enough supplies to cover them. Thanks to the people who donate generously for these programs, we are able to extend both short term and long term family planning services to these women and men in this remote village.  

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