Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update from the field: Kasambika 2

            Jambo from the intern team at Kasambika 2! Our team is made up of 6 wonderful students: Andrew Phinney from New Hampshire, USA, Esther Chung from California, USA, Isaac Kabuye from Kampala, Uganda, Juliana Nalukwago from Kampala, Uganda, Kenzie Scholl from Minnesota, USA, and Trisa Taro from California, USA. We are all extremely excited to work with our village members this summer.
                We have now been in the village for two weeks now and we cannot be happier with the enthusiasm and openness of the people in Kasambika 2. In our first week, during our community meeting, we introduced ourselves, UVP programs, and our mission for the next two months. We even found community members supporting our goals – dispelling the myths that we arrest people or report them to the government. In addition, we have an incredibly strong and passionate group of Village Health Team members who help mobilize the community. They are currently working with us on our baseline surveys where we go house to house collecting initial data on the village’s sanitation facilities and insecticide treated net coverage.
                We have also started to work with the local primary school on a hand-washing program. Last week, we conducted a survey with some students and this upcoming week, we hope to hold an education session on the importance of hand-washing and install some tippy taps, which are contraptions used to wash hands cleanly. Here’s a picture of ours for an idea of what it looks like!

                 Inspired and motivated by the people of Kasambika 2, we aim to work with the community to hold education sessions on various issues. We hope this summer will be an amazing one for this village and for us! 

First Community Meeting

Kasambika 2 Intern Team (From the left: Andrew, Isaac, Esther, Kenzie, Trisa, Juliana)

Survey-Taking at Kasambika Primary School 

Our Tippy Tap

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