Monday, January 19, 2015

Working Towards Social Justice

By: Julius Kirya, Global Health Corps Fellow

In the communities where we reside, often times we encounter injustices, but how do we react? Are we bystanders or do we take action? Fighting for social justice is does not require wealth, power, or political capacity. Those without it can still mobilize a community into cleaning a water source, or providing sensitization campaigns urging households to build sanitation facilities and safely dispose waste.

A newly constructed shallow well by UVP        

Community members cleaning a well

Martin Luther King asked us to look closely and honestly reflect about our motives for acting – is it a common desire for recognition, to be important, to achieve a distinction? We should ask ourselves how we can act to leave a legacy for the future generation to carry on.

A team of UVP interns educating rural communities about sanitation and hygiene in a model home.

You don’t need a college degree to serve, you don’t have to know the legacy of the most prominent freedom fighters to serve, nor do you need to know theories and principles discovered by the best scientists to serve. All you need is your belief, sacrifice, a heart full of care, a soul full of love and you can help make the world a little more just. The world is looking for you men and women who serve others with love, honesty and in justice without question! Let’s take moment to reflect as we remember the legend in the history of social justice, Dr. Martin Luther King.

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