Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kitukiro Killer Whales


 Welcome to Kitukiro! We are a group of 5 people from both Uganda and the United States that are excited to see all that we can do in Uganda. We arrived in Kitukiro Thursday, June 25th and were eager to set up our quaint house on the edge of the village. We have dirt floors and bought pieces of flooring to cover the dirt floors and reduce the dust. This green flooring helped add a homey touch! As we were setting up, we noticed quite a few furry co-inhabitants running up the walls. These rats sure don’t mind that we have taken up residence in their home. The morning after we arrived, we received a call from our director saying we had to be temporarily relocated due to a bed bug infestation in the neighboring villages. This was especially tough for our group because we didn’t have time to settle in before we were packing up our stuff so that our house could be sprayed for bed bugs.

                In the coming days, we are holding a community meeting to introduce ourselves, Uganda Village Project, and give villagers a basic agenda for the next 6 week while we are living in Kitukiro. We are very fortunate that our village is filled with many friendly faces, lots of waves, and positive attitudes about us moving in. We have been greeted warmly and are excited to see how baseline surveying goes for the next two weeks. We will be partnering with our Village Health Team (VHT) for surveying, which will hopefully give us some extra credibility with the villagers of Kitukiro. We have high hopes of positive feedback about the surveys. Kitukiro has a high need for health education and we are all grateful we have been selected to educate in such a beautiful village. Our attitudes towards the rest of the summer remain positive!

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The Kitukiro Killer Whales (Ken, Anna, Susan, Allison, and Becca) 

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