Friday, August 14, 2015

Nabirere A: a young family improves sanitation

Wotali is 21 and has lived in Nabirere A for 11 years. She married when she was 19 and she and her husband live close to the village mosque. They are farmers and she sells chapatti that her husband makes. Wotali was the first person to buy a “sanitation kit” from our team to construct a tippy tap and plate stand, the day after our community WASH sensitization.

How did you first hear about UVP?
Wotali: I had never heard about UVP until some of the team came to conduct a baseline survey at my house.

What UVP events have you attended?
Wotali: I attended the family planning and WASH sensitizations and went to the borehole clean-up day at the mosque.

Why did you attend these events?
Wotali: Curiosity, primarily. I wanted to see what these interns had to say.

What impact, if any, have UVP’s activities had in your life so far?
Wotali: I was inspired into action by each of the sensitizations. I had never heard of family planning until I attended the sensitization and afterwards I started on a family planning method. After I went to the WASH sensitization, I decided to buy the sensitization kit because I wanted my house and my family to have a plate stand and a tippy tap to improve our health. I will continue to attend UVP activities and hope to continue learning.

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