Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stories from the Field: A flushing toilet, a shower, or a washing machine?

If you could only have one, which would it be? A flushing toilet, a shower, or a washing machine.

Gloria: “The toilet to avoid having to walk at night with possible snakes, ants, or dogs on the way to the latrine.”

Corrie: “I would take the shower because it makes me feel good on the inside and clean on the outside.”

Lauren: “The shower because I like hot water sprinkling on me from above.  However, I don’t mind being outside in an open shower as long as there aren’t any kids spying on me from the trees.”

Emily: “The toilet, because once at night I witnessed our neighbor kill a poisonous snake.  I like having a flushing toilet in the house.”

Simon-Peter: “The toilet because it stays clean.”

Daniel: “The toilet because I don’t mind the other two.”

And if you had to give up only one for a lifetime, which would it be?

Gloria: “The shower, because I think the basin showers can be refreshing sometimes.”

Corrie: “I would give up the toilet because I dislike washing my own clothes and appreciate my showers.”

Lauren: “I would give up the toilet because I like the convenience of washing machines and would keep the shower.”

Emily: “The shower because I still feel clean after my basin showers.”

Simon-Peter: “The washing machine because I like washing my clothes.”

Daniel: “The washing machine because I can wash my own clothes!  I would feel lazy if I didn’t.”

Gloria, Corrie, Lauren, Emily, Simon-Peter, and Daniel are all interns working in Kazigo B this summer. 

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