Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stories from the Field: Visiting Iganga Hospital & Impromptu Drama

By Lindsey Anderson

We are now getting into the rhythm of things in Kazigo A. The focus this week was pretty much on Baseline Surveys and sensitizations. I, however, got to visit Iganga Hospital on Monday. It was definitely a memorable experience. Lauren and Gloria (both from Kazigo B) and I got to tour a few of the wards in the hospital. The first we went to was the surgical theatre, where we witnessed 2 complete C-sections. The sanitation was definitely eye-opening. We even saw one of the doctors take off his glove to answer his phone and then put it back on. It was crazy!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we focused mostly on Baseline Surveys, so we got to travel around the village for a little while and see a lot of the houses. When Felix and I were traveling around with one of our VHTs, we came a small house with an old woman, who, apparently, loved to talk. When we asked her when malaria mosquitos bite, she answered “oooh, mosquito bites hurt so much!” and just went on and on about the bites. Our VHT finally had to get her back on track.

On Friday, we had our second Malaria sensitization at the primary school, but our drama group never showed up! So, we had to make everything up on the spot! I guess it ended up going well, because with significantly less people, we still sold all 50 nets! After the sensitization, the drama group showed up, finally, and asked if they could still do their drama…hopefully it will go more smoothly next time.

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