Friday, August 31, 2018

The Spirit of Naluko

by Derrick Agaba and Kevin Preciado, Interns, Naluko Village

The village of Naluko is a place that you can call home. Our team has called it home for the past five weeks while working with Uganda Village Project. Although it has not been home for long, it has succeeded in opening our hearts to the wonderful diversity of the human spirit.  Triumph and tragedy intertwines itself onto the human condition and creates powerful narratives. One poignant narrative we have encountered is Sara, an incredible village elder, who’s childbearing journey provides a moving backdrop to life in Naluko.

UVP interns Gloria and Lexie conduct an education session in Naluko. 

Sara is arguably the most vibrant woman and community mobilizer within Naluko. With a glowing smile and dedicated vision for her village, she is at the heart of the community. She serves as a representative on the council for women at the sub-county level, fighting for women’s reproductive rights and educating young and middle aged women on family planning and obstetric fistula. Most recently, she has been working with UVP to sensitize and mobilize the community on HIV, malaria, and reproductive health. She has given herself entirely to her community in order to serve others, evoking passion from tragedy.

Team Naluko from left to right: Derrick, Gloria,
Lexie, Gertrude, Kevin, and Amanda.
Pain and suffering highlight Sara’s experience with pregnancy and childbirth. Her first child arrived when Sara was 19 years old, and although Sara gave birth to 14 children in total, only three lived past age five. Sara felt every death tremendously, and today she wants to spare other women in the village from that pain and suffering. Her efforts in family planning, education, and social encouragement have empowered countless women in the village to take control of their reproductive health and have safely planned pregnancies.

Sara’s intimate understanding of motherhood and dedication to her community has made her the ideal representative for women in Naluko. She is on a mission to make the health in her community thrive, while simultaneously spreading joy and happiness to whomever she encounters. We are touched by the triumphant essence of Naluko, particularly Sara’s resilient spirit.

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