Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Influence of Others

by Tumusiime Loy, Reproductive Health Program Coordinator

Mariam has not always been comfortable telling people her story. She wasn’t always comfortable attending outreaches in her home village of Irenzi. The negative attitudes and stories from her fellow community members discouraged her from seeking contraceptives. It even made her scared to discuss the topic with her husband.

As parents of three children, Mariam and her husband are utilizing UVP services to space their children. “We are planning to have another child after five years,” she says. She elaborates further that the space between children allows her to stay healthy, and when she remains healthy, she can more easily provide for her family.

Mariam manages a small business and the family farm. While it is on a small scale, it provides well for her small family. She notes that because she and her husband can better care for a small family, they spend less money caring for sick children. The benefits are very obvious to Mariam. So obvious that she has begun to encourage other women to attend UVP outreaches to learn about the benefits of a small family.


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